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Welcome to HeckYeah

Heck Yeah was born to bring people together. To join people in a community of sorts. A place where people can play, and feel like they can count on us. A lot of us have families, kids, or a planning on having families, and you have come to the right spot. Telling members of this community won’t go unnoticed. We want everyone to join in and feel like they are in a good place to play with the most skilled to the newest person. We invite all ages from six on up. We will be having yearly events for people to join in and meet the people they play or confide in.

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Game Types in rotation

CoD2 CTF a.k.a. Capture The Flag
The objective of Capture the Flag is to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to the player’s team’s flag.
CoD2 CTFB a.k.a. Capture the Flag Back
The objective of Capture the Flag back is to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to the player’s team’s flag, but do not let your flag go or you will need to run it back as well.
CoD4 SAB a.k.a. Sabotage
Is a bomb-based game type in Call of Duty 4, that is somewhat similar to Search and Destroy.
CoD4 TDM a.k.a. Team Deathmatch
The objective of both teams is to kill as many members of the enemy team as possible.
CoD4 DOM a.k.a. Domination
The objective of Domination is to own all of the control points on the map.

Becoming a Member

First of all….let me say welcome to Heck Yeah.
If you have been playing on either of our CoD2 or CoD4 servers you know you are playing with some of the best people around. We’re about fun and having a good time – throwing in some stiff competition as well.
To become an [hy] member you need to register at the forums and introduce yourself to our family. Yes, I said family….many people have shown up here and never left. We have upgraded the forums to a new version, requiring an email verification for registration. With the new version you are an active member after you register.


There is a lot of new functionality with the forums, plus more. Feel free to private message me or any admin with any questions you might have.
You should always find us around our TeamSpeak 3 server for any questions you might have, do not hesitate to join us there and shout your questions.
Enjoy the GAMES!

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Private Slots

We now have private slots available!  We have decreased the number of public slots and have purchased more private slots. We will be offering these slots at a donation of $5.00 or more per month. For this donation you will receive a password that will let you into our CoD2 Game Servers (Public CTF.8, Public Rifles CTF.R and Public Shotguns CTF.S) and our CoD4 (Public TDM, Public DOM, Public SAB and Public Backlot) Servers, when all the public slots are full. We have hundreds of members and we are growing so get your slot early. Thanks for all of your support and good gaming.

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Donate by PayPal

Help us!…If you enjoy playing on [hy] servers, please donate toward our continued growth and success! Donators will receive special access to the servers.


After you have donated, you will be added to the [hy] donators group which will not only give you a special forum icon, it will also give you access to our VIP forum section that can only be seen by donators. There, you can tell us what types of changes or improvements you would like. For example: maps, gameplays, hardpoints, and so for.

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HeckYeah | Gathering

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What is TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is an Online Gaming Solution, TeamSpeak can be used anywhere where groups of two or more people need to communicate. With TeamSpeak, gamers can talk with one another in real-time while they are immersed in an online game with their friends and family. In addition, clans or guilds that compete online can setup private TeamSpeak servers allowing their fellow teammates to organize themselves and speed up their actions without having to spend their precious time typing text or instructions for the rest of their team to follow.

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Big Brother Bot (B3)!

We use B3!

Big Brother Bot (B3) is a complete and total server administration package for online games. It is the prefered ingame RCON Tool currently available. All commands can be issued while you’re ingame! No need to alt-tab and use a GUI or program interface that is not linked to your gameclient, nope, ingame, right there where you are gaming!

Donate by PayPal

Would you like to help us?...If you enjoy playing on [hy] servers, please donate toward our continued growth and success!
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